Maroon Puch Series B: $1,000.00

These were the only Puch mopeds manufactured in the USA. There was only a small batch produced in the early 80s to make use of overstocked parts when gas prices dropped. They only came in one super sexy color “brandy wine.” We had this one shopped half way across the country in pieces in a box and assembled it for a personal / shop bike. . . But we bought ourselves another, so this one is for sale! Everything was cleaned & lubed up during assembly. This was a 2 hp model to start, but after pipe, carb & tuning; is currently hitting just shy of 40 mph.
Brand New parts installed during assembly are as follows: Puch EXTRA PUFFER black seat; Puch Biturbo rippin dude pipe – GOLD baffle; Bing 15mm CLONE carburetor; Puch moped square port 15mm intake for BING carburetors; puch bing RED foam hi flow filter; NOS hydraulic Shocks, IRC NR53 ZAP moped tire – 17 x 2.50; more expensive moped inner tube – 17″ 2.25 / 2.50; ATOMIC non-resistor ignition wire & boot – YELLOW – 2 foot; NGK spark plugs — B6HS – short thread, clear OMG petcock – 12mm thread;
bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line; pink grips original magnum style for all mopeds.
BONUS: YOU GET A SIZE XL SERIES B MOPED CLUB SWEASTSHIRT! MAKING YOU THE 3RD OFFICAL MEMBER OF THE SERIES B MOPED CLUB; GET COOL!! (you might be thinking; XL, that’s pretty big; these are huge mopeds you’ll need to be a tall human to ride it comfortably, so. . . the size is probably appropriate)

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