December 2020 In Store Clearance Event!

Detroit Moped Works 30-20-10-DEAL!

We’re renovating our showroom and expanding our retail selection as part of taking the shop in a new direction. In doing so, we have found a lot of cool stuff that has been tucked away and forgotten. NOW is your chance to get it on the cheap (and save us from entering it into our current inventory system).

The deals

  • 30% off anything with a green price tag. These were the first price tags we used when getting into retail. If it still has this tag on it, you know it’s been hiding out for quite a while. You may find rare or discontinued items with this price tag.
  • 20% off anything with a printed price tag without a barcode. These were the second price tags we used when getting into retail. If it still has this tag on it, it has still been hiding out for quite a while.
  • 10% (or more) off anything without a price tag.  The price tag may have just fallen off, in which case we’ll give you 10% off just because.  BUT maybe it is a cool one-off thing on display without a price OR maybe it’s so old that has been here since before we even put price tags on stuff, who knows?!  Either way if it has no tag come in, make an offer, STRIKE A DEAL!

But if you are “closed,” how do I come in for these incredible deals?

  1. Book a shopping appointment through the Facebook Scheduler.
  2. Show up at the front door on time (WITH A MASK covering your mouth and nose).
  3. Wear some gloves OR squirt on some hand sanitizer (we have both for you).
  4. Stand 6 feet or further from us and tell us how beautiful and organized the shop looks!
  5. Be amazed by the wonders you find.
  6. Buy stuff! (Ideally contactlessly through PayPal or tapping your smart phone, BUT we’ll take cash too!)
  7. Go home and work on your mopeds, or just enjoy your new toys.
  8. Tell your friends all about us and leave us good reviews online.

What if I don’t have Facebook?

That’s okay! You don’t need to have a Facebook account to book an appointment with us through Facebook.

When you go to our Facebook scheduler, select “Private Shopping Session” and click “Continue.” The scheduler will ask you to select a day and time for your appointment. Choose the time that works best for you, and then give us your name and email address. If you’d like us to confirm with a phone call or text, enter your phone number and let us know in the Appointment Notes how you prefer us to reach you. Click on “Request Appointment” and you’re all set! We’ll get back to you with a confirmation once we’ve scheduled your appointment.



We will be systematically going through the inventory and updating the price tags, so your challenge is to get in and buy the stuff before we inventory and  properly price it (meaning it won’t be on sale any more).

If we catch you removing any price tags OR your mask, we’ll kick you out and maybe never let you come back, so keep it cool. 

Learn more about the event

View the Facebook event page here to RSVP, see updates on what items you can find, as well as photos of our ongoing renovation:


We thank everyone in the moped community for their continued support. We hope to see you soon!

Alex Samul, owner
December 8, 2020


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