June 2020 update

As a quick heads up, currently our turnaround times for correspondences are up to two weeks and our turnaround times on actual repairs are about 4-6 weeks, sometimes more on large jobs and/or jobs with many unexpected challenges. When you work on vehicles with 40 years of unknown history, no “Carfax,” and no diagnosis machines, unexpected challenges are not too uncommon!


Besides the unexpected challenges with mopeds themselves, we also are working with the following challenges of the “Post Coronavirus” world:

  • Import restrictions and supply chain disruptions making getting parts into the country more difficult.
  • Domestic shipping delays making getting parts that are already in the country to us slower.
  • Job market changes making staffing more difficult.


What our challenges mean for you, the customer:

  • To be fair to the folks who have been waiting patiently for repairs and/or correspondences pending, we will not be “opening” to the public in a conventional manner with normal hours until we are back to previous time lines. (Typical time lines under normal circumstances are 48 hour turnaround on correspondences and 2-4 weeks on repairs.)
  • We will be diligently monitoring our emails and our Facebook messages.  We are not monitoring our telephone/voicemail or the messaging systems associated with the various other social media platforms, like Google+, Yelp, Instagram, etc.  We simply do not have the staff to monitor all of those platforms while providing quality service.
  • Ideally, we will be taking payments online in advance of drop off and/or in person with a contactless reader.
  • Please arrive with some kind of mask and maintain six feet of distance during the inspection and intake process.
  • If you are OK with all of that and would like to get into our work queue while we are “closed,” we will still be taking repairs in via curbside pickup on an appointment only basis.We will be accepting appointments Monday—Friday, 11am—5pm.  You can book appointments with our new workshop software at the following link:
    • https://my.workshopsoftware.com/bookings.html#!/DetroitMopedWorks?token=x2hc2w
    • While our new workshop software is awesome and will definitely help us speed up turnaround times on both repairs and correspondences, the booking fields are limited. Please fill out all of your personal and vehicle information. In the notes section, please include the following:
      • Time of day that you would like for your appointment
      • Current condition of the vehicle (Does it run? How fast? Does it stop? Do the accessories work? How are the brakes / shocks / other mechanical?)
      • Which wear items do you want replaced (Tires, tubes, grips, pedals, chains?)
      • Are there any custom modifications that you have in mind?
      • If you are looking for performance work, what is your speed goal?
      • Anything else you really do or don’t want changed?
      • What is your budgetary goal?
      • Once a bid is approved and deposit is taken, we will schedule the appointment.
  • Please do not show up without an appointment. This includes shopping for mopeds, parts or accessories.


I know that this is a lot to take in, but we are doing our best to be efficient and transparent with these unprecedented challenges. Hopefully this all makes sense and we will be able to help you out.

We’ll be waiting to hear from you. Thanks a ton and stay safe!

Alex Samul
Owner, Detroit Moped Works

June 8, 2020