New builds and repairs suspended through July 2020

Detroit Moped Works is suspending accepting new repair and/or build clients until AT LEAST the end of the month.

We appreciate all of the support and business coming in through the “appointment only” format that we have adopted since the rise of Covid-19. Fortunately / unfortunately, the large amount of patronage means that currently we have 58 active build and/or repair projects to complete with super limited staff and parts availability. We simply cannot fit any more projects in the door until we can get some of these projects cleared out.

For the 58 of you who are waiting patiently for your projects to be completed and returned to you, rest assured that the reason that you hear from us infrequently is because we are concentrating our time and efforts on completing the actual work to get your projects back to you.

For those of you with pending correspondences, please know that we are working on getting the current projects processed through to free up space to take in your projects. We have your correspondences and, once we have available slots for more work, we will follow up accordingly.

We are still taking parts and accessories orders for curbside pickup through our Facebook page.  If you are in need of any retail, feel free to schedule a shopping appointment on our page or contact us through Facebook Messenger and our front desk manager, Brooke, will follow up.

Thanks for all of the work and all of the patience.

Be Safe – Alex
Detroit Moped Works
July 20, 2020