1985 Trac Liberty project – as is

$300.00 $240.00

We previously serviced this moped including new tires and tubes for a guy who enjoyed riding but then left it outside and got it stolen. The person who unknowingly bought it from the person who bought it from the person who stole it brought into our shop for repairs. We bought it from him to return to the original owner, but he didn’t want it back so it’s been sitting. These mopeds are super underrated. They are a two speed automatic (uses Tomos a3 parts), case inducted moped (uses Peugeot reeds), with a cdi ignition (uses standard 5 pin box), hydraulic motorcycle suspension, and motorcycle rims (from a Suzuki 125 of the era). Get this running right and you’ll do a peppy 35 mph stock. 

No warranty on as is mopeds.

All vehicles purchased online will be held at our flagship store on Michigan Avenue.

Pick up appointments can be made through the Facebook scheduler.  

National shipping can be arranged through U-Ship at the buyer’s expense. We expect it to be $200-$300 depending on location.

In stock


About selling “as is” project mopeds in 2020:

Detroit Moped Works has always felt confident profiting from our wonderful work, selling refurbished or rebuilt mopeds that we could stand behind and sell with a warranty.  

As a matter of principle, Detroit Moped Works has always been opposed to “flipping” mopeds, or making money off of selling non-running mopeds, project mopeds, parts mopeds, and/or “as is” mopeds. 

That said, due to what the media refers to as “these strange times” we are not able to get bikes built for sale this season. Further, we are repeatedly seeing “as is” mopeds selling on the peer to peer market for 2-3 times what we consider “Normal Market Rate.” For these two reasons we have decided to get some projects out of our shop and in the hands of folks who can hopefully get more bikes on the road.

Most of these mopeds will be priced above what we consider “normal market rate,’ but below the high prices we are seeing as the “new normal.” In the time honored tradition of “flipping,” we will be giving the most brief description possible, not promising anything of the individual vehicles, but promising you that you will have a wonderful time working on and learning about your new toy motorcycle! Or maybe it just sits as wonderful decor in your Man Cave or She Shed. Once you buy it, it is out of our hands and yours to enjoy!  

Prices are firm / sales are final / bikes are as is. 

Pick up appointments can be made through the Facebook scheduler.  

Payments accepted: Cash, Credit/Debit card, or PayPal.