1994 Tomos Sprint (SOLD)


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Tomos (TOvarna MOtornih koles Seþana) was a Yugoslavian and later Slovenian manufacturer of mopeds and other vehicles, established in 1954. Based in the city of Koper, Tomos began building motorcycles and mopeds with the Austrian company Puch. Tomos mopeds are the only surviving moped brand available in the United States.

The Tomos Sprint was the entry level model from the classic line. They were imported to the US from 1992-2012 and will be available again NEW in early 2017! But why wait when you can get one like new NOW & for cheaper!

This 1994 features the A35, an engine which came on Tomos mopeds made from 1991 – 2006. It is the improved version of the earlier A3 engine. This engine has a reed valve inducted cylinder with a two petal flat reed valve. The A35 engine is available in a pedal start or kick start version.

Technical specifications: A35 Engine, 49cc two stroke, 38mm X 43mm Bore/Stroke, 9.1:1 compression ratio, Automatic 2 speed transmission, Dellorto SHA 14/12 Carburetor (#53 main jet), Type F Automatic transmission fluid, Spark plug: NGK B6HS (points), Spark plug gap: 0.8mm, Ignition advance: 1,5 + 0,2 mm BTDC, Points gap: 0.35-0.45mm (Non CDI models — 1991 to 1994).

We got this moped from the original owner who was an older gentleman that took the motor apart after 117 miles and never put it back together?!?!? We assembled it with new gaskets, a 15mm aftermarket intake & a performance Tomos A35 Tecno Bullet exhaust. We tuned the carburetor for the larger intake and exhaust and it now hits almost 40 mph (up from the stock 30 mph).

This is a quick stock/mod two speed that is great looking, great off the line, and great fun!


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WHAT YOU GET!Retail Cost
Tomos a35$900.00
tomos A3 A35 tecno bullet – aluminum baffle$65.00
NGK spark plugs – B7HS – short thread$3.00
bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line 3/16″ (5mm)$2.00
crystal pyramid fuel filter – 1/4″$4.00
Full Tune Up$150.00

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Weight2400 oz








GPS Speed

38 MPH