NOS 6v Red Internal Ignition Coil for ’70-’77 Motobecane


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This is an New-Old-Stock Red Internal Ignition / ‘Exciter’ Coil by Novi, for some 1970-77 Motobecane mopeds using a two coil, 6v stator.

A12  Part #  53508  coil ignition 125330 red

WE have ONE left in original packaging that came with a load of other new old stock stuff.  This appears new BUT they also appear to have been installed and removed… Perhaps during some original dealer troubleshooting?   It says on the package in old hand writing “”NO Terminal end but good new coil”.  It has a bit of evidence that they had bolts tightened down through it.  We believe it to be a good, new, unused, functional part. If for some reason you get it and it does not work… don’t panic. Just let us know and we’ll refund you.

These are from a dealer buyout, who sold Motobecane, Puch, Cimatti and Fantic mopeds and parts in the 70’s-80’s. Parts should be in good working condition and are correctly labeled, to the best of our knowledge.

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