PUCH MAXI II (Version Ted) (SOLD)


Motor: The 1.5hp (25mph) Puch ZA50 two speed automatic motor has been de-restricted and is currently hitting the mid 40’s, with great low end take off.  This motor currently sports a large port Tomos a55 cylender & head, bing 15mm carbeurator, 15mm intake, & Tecno circuit pipe    The whole motor has been rebuilt with new bearings, seals, gaskets, shift dampers and the second gear flipped for increased rpms prior to shifting.

Body: Puch Maxi step through with with a new 2.25 inch IRC ZAP race tire in the rear & huge parelli motorcycle in the front.  The electric has been hardwired with a custom kill switch.  This bike has a new long racer seat (Not installed in the picture), new grips, new handle bars, new cables, new shocks, plus, it has new Honda CR80 dirtbike forks!

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The Puch Maxi; the quintessential moped.  Known as the Volkswagen of mopeds; the are super durable with more options for speed, aesthetic, and safety upgrades than any other moped.  Puch is one of the brands that we ride and specialize in.  This is an upgraded 2-speed model custom built by Ted.


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