June 8, 2020 – Unfortunately, after being in business since the 1950’s, Tomos Slovenia filed for Bankruptcy in December of 2018. There were rumors that Tomos would “emerge from bankruptcy stronger than ever,” so we kept the listings for the new Sprint (which came in black or chrome) and Racing TT on our website. (Plus, they brought us some decent web traffic!)

But sadly, at this point it seems that that will not be the case…  and with the end of Tomos, there are officially no more true “new” mopeds in production.


If you really want a 2017-2018 style Tomos, you can proceed with the following options:

  • For a 2017-2018 “Sprint,” purchase a 2005 or newer Tomos step-through moped from the peer to peer marketplace (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) and restore it (or have us restore it!). From 2005 through bankruptcy all Tomos mopeds had the modernized a55 motor and upgraded suspension. If you replace the decals, headlights, and wear items, you pretty much have a 2017-2018 Tomos.
  • For a 2017-2018 “Racing TT,” your best bet is to purchase either a Tomos Arrow R or Tomos Streetmate R. The Racing TT was basically the “love child” of these two unique mopeds. They would be your closest options. From there, you can just restore it by replacing the wear items or have us do it for you.
  • If you want a new Tomos moped and style is not important, you can check out these mopeds that are being made in the US with the remaining production parts from when Tomos shut down.
  • If you mainly like the wheels, forks, and the idea of “NEW,” the guys from Tomos America are also making these E-Bikes with left over parts from Tomos.

If you just want something new from us, you can check out our selection of E-Bikes. Although they do not have the speed of a true moped, they are great looking, user friendly, and have less rules about who can use them, where they can be ridden, etc. Electric really is the future!

If you do not want to move into the future, but simply want to have a “like new” piece of history, you can commission us to complete a full restoration OR customization. You can bring us a project and/or have us source the body for you.  Depending on the starting condition of the moped, level of restoration desired, and target speed, you can anticipate spending something in the $2,000-$3,000 range regardless of whether we source the body or you do. With this we basically re-coat, rebuild, or replace EVERYTHING, so it is best to start with a real “barn find.” For complete ground up restorations, we typically recommend starting with a Puch, Motobecane, Vespa Ciao, or Honda Hobbit. These are the bikes with BY FAR the most parts being reproduced. These bikes will allow you to have nearly every component replaced with new for “relatively affordably.”

Hopefully this information is helpful in your quest for a new moped!


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