When our passion for the hobby got a little out of control, we decided to make a business of it.

Founded in 2014, Detroit Moped Works provides sales, parts and accessories for two stroke mopeds.

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DMW Puch e50 Basic Upgrades. Should you build above or below 8,500 RPMS?!?

A lot of people reach out asking how much it would cost to make their Puch mopeds go “faster.” The great thing about Puch motors is that it is the brand with the moped parts availability and knowledge our there. A good stock brass bushing Puch crankshaft is *typically* good to about 8,500 Rotations Per Minute. SO when adding power to your already functioning Puch Moped; the question is, should you leave the bottom end intact add only enough power to safely stay under 8,500 RPMs; OR should you rebuild the whole motor with a new needle bearing crankshaft allowing you to *more or less* rev the bottom end as high as your cylinder / carb / pipe allow? The following post reviews 3 “standard” affordable options for adding power to your single speed Puch e50 Moped given parts pricing at the start of 2022 given the goofy supply chain issues we are still seeing from the pandemic.

We receive daily phone calls and emails from people asking what they should sell their vintage mopeds for and/or if we want to buy their mopeds. Here are some generalizations about moped values.

(There are always going to be exceptions… but yours probably is not one.)