Detroit Moped Works will offer select non-moped work during the “off season.”

Starting December 1st 2022, running through March 9th 2023, Detroit Moped Works will take in anything that fits in our door as long as it is single cylinder, carbureted, and under 100cc.

Scooters – Dirt Bikes – Little Motorcycles – Sno Runners – Snow Blowers – Weed Whips – You Tell Us!

  • We Will
    • Perform straight forward services subject to parts availability. This includes services such as:
      • Clean Carburetor
      • Change Oil
      • Install
        • Spark plugs
        • Batteries
        • Bulbs
        • Belts
        • Chains
        • Tubed tires
        • Fuel line
        • Fuel filters
        • Air filters
        • Ask?
    • Charge $1.50/Minute with a minimum labor charge of $15
    • Apply our finely honed skills as the highest volume vintage moped shop in the country to your non-moped vehicle or gas equipment
    • Do the above in a caring and professional manner
    • Give our best opinions and assessments on situations beyond our capabilities
  • We Will NOT
    • Claim to be an expert at anything other than vintage mopeds
    • Have parts in stock
    • Promise you anything we are not 100% confident in
    • Do any advanced troubleshooting, full motor rebuilds, performance tuning, or generally take on any work beyond our comfort level
    • Guarantee that performing the straight forward line item services that we offer will fix your non-moped vehicle or gas equipment
    • Warranty work on your non-moped vehicle or gas equipment.

**Vintage mopeds are generally all TWO STROKE, automatic, under 100cc, European or Japanese, with tube tires, without batteries or electric start, and built in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The closer your non-moped vehicle or gas equipment is to that, the more comfortable we will be working on it.**