Detroit Moped Works Spring 2021 Update

The past year has been a time of reflection and a forced reset for many people and businesses. Detroit Moped Works was not immune to that, but we are optimistic that we will be able to come out of this a leaner, healthier, more efficient business. 

We have been posting little updates throughout the year on our blogFacebook, and Instagram while we’ve been figuring things out. We would love for you to follow all of those channels, but we know that some info gets lost in the shuffle and things are constantly changing. I’ll try to summarize all of the cool stuff that we are (and are not) working on as the weather breaks and our busy season comes upon us. 

Detroit Moped Works has EXPANDED retail and online sales

We have added about 50% more floor space to our retail area. More new moped parts are in stock on the showroom floor, organized for customers to shop through. We have expanded our apparel offerings to more than double what it was. We have expanded our selection of eBikes, eKickScoots, eScooters, and eMopeds with even more brand negotiations in the works. We have more universal items like helmets, locks, mirrors, gloves, batteries, grips, lubricants, etc. to accommodate a greater variety of two wheeled enthusiasts. We have also spent quite a bit of time evaluating and organizing our more than 3,000 square feet of used inventory. Although it will be a long time (if ever) before we get it all actually photographed, described, listed online, we are in a better position to dig up any requested parts.  You can message us on Facebook or fill out our website contact form. From there, I or Brooke, our front desk manager, can get you a price to either pick the parts up or we can ship them right to you. 

When it comes to more items that can be used universally, we've got you covered.

Detroit Moped Works will no longer perform repairs, restoration and customizations

We are moving away from repair work. However, we will still install parts purchased from Detroit Moped Works. What does this mean? If you buy tires and tubes from us, we will properly install them with the correct centering and tension. If you buy cables from us, we will install them with proper tension and lubrication. If you purchase grips from us, we will remove your old ones and install the new ones. If you buy shocks from us, we will install them with the correct spacers and washers. If you buy a chain from us, we will cut it to the correct length, and install it with the correct tension. You get the idea.

We will also continue to provide our “Full Tune Up Service” as well as our “Primary Service,” which is basically a half tune up. These services are a comprehensive set of straight forward line item services designed to cover all of the basics to get your bike running “the best that it can.” In many cases this will mean that when we are done, the bike will run well. But in many cases, “the best that it can” will still be running poorly due to other issues from 40 years of unknown history. In some cases, “the best the bike can run” still means it won’t run at all because of catastrophic issues that occurred in the 40 years of unknown history.

You can read more about it here. And  you can read A LOT more about the issues with unknown repairs in depth here.

Please understand that we are doing this so that we can not only keep the business profitable, but also so that we can have a fast turn around time. Instead of keeping bikes here for months in a back log of complex work, we want to be able to complete as many 24-72 hour turn around tune ups and “on the spot” parts installs as possible. Please do not try to talk us into complex repairs and/or mystery trouble shooting; it just bogs down the pace of business and prevents us from helping as many people.

We are working on our Youtube & IGTV channels to help DIY hobbyists do the work that we will not be taking in

On DMW’s IGTV we post short tutorials, updates, and “day in the life” videos. These are great because of the large reach quick, but they are limited in length and staying power.

For DMW’s YouTube channel, the goal is to get to the point where we are able to post more in depth professionally edited videos — not only tutorials, but also a chronicle of interesting mopeds facts. Every year more moped numbers go down as they get scrapped, parted, modified, or otherwise disappear. We are in a unique position where we have seen thousands of mopeds come through the shop and have witnessed all kinds of cool variations on the vehicles and all kinds of wild unexpected challenges. We are hoping to chronicle some of this so that it can be available online well beyond our time.

But for now we are just figuring out what content is best for each avenue and getting comfortable making videos and being in front of the camera. Please “subscribe, follow, like, comment,” etc. so we know that you find the content useful and so that we are driven to put out more, better content.

The “Appointment Preferred” format helps us help you! 

We are running a super slim staff with just two people working most days. You read that right, JUST TWO PEOPLE working at a time to accommodate the expanded in-store retail, shipping parts, complete on the on-the-spot parts installs, shoot and post online videos, make vinyl decals, maintain the website, take phone calls, respond to emails and all that.

So, efficiency is key! If you communicate with us about what you need help with and plan your trip down, we can be ready to help you and have time set aside to give you the best attention we can.

That said, if you are in the area during our appointment hours (Monday – Friday, 11-6; Saturday 11-3:30), we’ll totally still let you in and help you out. The appointments just help us control workflow and be prepared, which helps us give you the best service possible.

Check out the website

You are still reading this, which means you haven’t had enough us yet! Becky, our digital administrator, spent a bunch of time updating the website with a cleaner look that moves faster, works better on mobile devices, and accommodates more robust eCommerce. Take some time to scroll around the blog, frequently asked questions, and online store. 

Thanks and be well.

Alex Samul, Owner
Detroit Moped Works
March 16, 2021

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