Motor Rebuild Services

Detroit Moped Works is now offering professional engine rebuild service on a national level (& locally too 🙂 ).

We have listed a few of the moped motors that we rebuild most often, but we offer rebuilds on almost all small displacement 2-strokes.

Rebuilds Include:
Crankshaft bearing replacement
New oil seals
New gaskets for top and bottom end
MILD case matching (transition smoothing)
Parts Inspection / Recommendation

Rebuilds DO NOT Include:
Actual Shipping
New Crank
New Kit
New Internals which we discover damaged
(We can sell you the new bits or you can supply them. Your call)
Case Boring / Porting / Deep Case Matching
(Can be accommodated at an added cost)

This assumes motors removed from the moped and delivered to us in a relatively clean state. Additional costs associated with dropping motors, tuning, timing, etc and/or super filthy motors.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

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