1964 Peugeot CT with custom green paint (SOLD)


Sold for $1537.65

The 1964 Peugeot CT is, according to the original sales literature, “The low-priced bike with the big bike features … Two-Stroke 49cc engine puts out 1.8hp at 5300 rpm … automatic multi-plate clutch …easy pedal starting …drum-type brakes front and rear … telescopic front fork … tubular frame with luggage carrier, kickstand and headlight standard equipment.”

This is a particularly interesting moped to see here in the United States. Mopeds were, for practical purposes, not imported / sold in the US until after 1974. At that time a 30-year-old French expatriate named Serge Seguin, with backing from another French company, Motobecane, hired a Washington, D.C. law firm to petition the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to bring mopeds to the United States. In September, 1974— on the heels of the energy crisis — the Department of Transportation agreed that mopeds should have a separate classification. For this reason, any of these 1960’s mopeds are extremely rare.

That said, it seems that a local company, Continental Cycles Corporation in Harper Woods, MI, decided to “bend the rules” and import these in the early 60’s which is how this has made its way to our shop. Having arrived before the moped laws were set in place this moped exceeds the typical 30mph max restriction from later laws and quickly hits the mid 30’s. It is also different from the typical late 70’s-early 80’s mopeds in that the pedals are more than a starting mechanism; you can actually get a pretty decent clip pedaling this thing! This bike seems to have been re-painted a delightful sparkle green with matching sparkly green gel grips sometime in the 1970’s, giving it an additional charm. Because of the rarity of the bike & charm of the paint, the only original components that we replaced were the spark plug and pedal arms (which we replaced with NOS French pedal arms). Beyond that, we gave it a tune up, wash, and wax. New in 1964 this bike was $179.50 USD, which in today’s dollars is $1,537.65; so we’ll start with that price but feel free to make an offer.

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~35 MPH