1973 Yamaha RD60 Big Bore Custom Motorcycle (SOLD)


Sold for $1802.74

The Yamaha RD60 was a 55cc, single cylinder, two stroke, street motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha and imported from 1973 through 1975. The RD60 was the junior member of the Yamaha RD Series.

The Yamaha RD-60 had a 5-speed manual transmission. For such a small motorcycle it is surprisingly capable, it’s 5 speed gearbox and manual transmission lets you use all the ponies it has, which according to a period test WAS about 4. For as small as it is, it’s surprisingly comfortable with a fairly compliant suspension.

STOCK specifications:

Weight: 163 Lbs.
Maximum speed: 53 MPH
Bore and stroke: 42 x 39.7 mm
Compression ratio: 6.9:1
Length: 72″
Width: 24.8 ”
Height: 38″
Wheel Base: 46.7″
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 Gallons
Autolube oil capacity 1.1 quart
Tire Size: 2:50 x 17 (both front and rear)

The shift pattern is standard as are all the controls. The engine should start easily and WAS fairly quiet for a 2 stroke engine from that time period…. BUT NOT ANY MORE!

Looking over the photos and detailed build sheet you will find that this little motorcycle has received a complete overhaul and is no longer the child’s toy that it once was. This little moto was rebuilt from the ground up as a personal daily by TedFab, who helped open DMW. This RD60 now boasts a rebuilt motor with a 65cc aftermarket big bore cylinder kit and super high rpm pipe in addition to all of the cosmetic work completed. At one point this bike was hitting over 80mph; but the little brakes were not quite cutting it, so the bike was geared down meaning that it currently tops out around 55 mph but gets there almost immediately. This bike is best suited for experienced and confident riders as the low gearing will jump up and throw you off if you are not ready.

Additional specifications:

ALL! bearings / gaskets / seals are new
NOS crank shaft
NOS clutch plates
All new electrical w/ hidden kill switch
New brake pads
Powder coated frame / wheels
Dual stage reeds

As this bike is not a moped built for sale by the shop, but a personal motorcycle owned by a staff member, it is being sold at a lesser than typical custom moped price and without our typical moped warranty.


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WHAT YOU GET!Retail Cost
Yamaha RD60$1,330.00
Full Motor Rebuild (New Bearings Seals Gaskets)$400.00
Yamaha airsal RD50 & DT50 70cc 45mm cylinder kit$150.00
puch homoet 8p performance pipe Chamber$210.00
NGK spark plug$3.00
shinko 17 x 2.50 moped trail tire – SR244 (2@$40)$80.00
More expensive moped inner tube – 17″ 2.5 / 2.75 (2@$8)$16.00
[Tube & Tire Install Labor]$60.00
bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line 3/16″ (5mm)$2.00
crystal pyramid fuel filter – 1/4″$4.00
420 gold & gold motorcycle chain – 120 links$20.99
Domino typhoon grips – black$4.99
Custom Leather Seat$150.00
EBR front fork headlight brackets$15.00
domino racer throttle assembly – 0670.03$27.00
black N chrome brake lever assemblies$20.00
zundapp BLACK low rise handlebars$26.00


Additional information

Weight2400 oz








GPS Speed

~55 MPH