1974 Red Puch Maxi Fully Restored with 70cc motor (SOLD)


Sold for $1500 in 2016

Although the Puch Maxi is probably the most common moped out there; this 1974 is surprising rare.  Mopeds were not approved for import and use in the United States until September 1974.  They were not commercially brought into the US until 1976 and really didn’t take off until 1978.  This bike features a few interesting features like a paint finish never seen, a plastic gas cap, different pedal sprocket, euro headlight, maxi S decals, quill stem handle bars, etc.  We had a professional paint & chrome restoration by the Ghost Riders’ Joe Cowabunga.  It was fully disassembled for the paint restore and reassembled with new tubes, tires, shocks, seat, grips, controls, cables, chains, headlight, pedals, bulbs, wiring, etc.  The motor is the one speed automatic e50.  It started as one horsepower 20 mph bike but was rebuilt with new bearings, seals, gaskets, and needle bearing racing crankshaft.  It was de-restricted with a 70cc Airsal kit, high compression head, larger Bing 15mm intake, 14mm Bing carburetor, and Jammy performance exhaust.  It currently looks like a mint stock moped but hits speeds well in excess of 40 mph.

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