1977 Morini M01 Pacer Deluxe P14 50cc Moped


Experience the Classic: 1977 Morini M01 Pacer P14 Moped

Rediscover a slice of the past with the 1977 Morini M01 Pacer P14 moped. Carefully restored and available at Detroit Moped Works, this moped offers a taste of vintage riding with a sprinkle of modern reliability. Perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity and charm of yesteryear’s designs.

Authentic Vintage, Modestly Enhanced

This Pacer P14 stands true to its roots, featuring mostly stock components including an original 12 mm intake and a classic 14.12 Dellorto SHA carburetor. While it might not boast the high-end specs of modern machines, it has been gently derestricted for a modest improvement in power. It’s the ideal ride for those who cherish authenticity and enjoy a moped that feels just right for casual rides and light commutes.

Craftsmanship That Respects Tradition

At Detroit Moped Works, we value the story behind each vintage moped. Our restoration process for the Morini M01 Pacer P14 focused on maintaining its original spirit while ensuring it performs reliably for everyday use. It’s a balance of preserving the past and embracing the present, ensuring this moped not only turns heads but also keeps rolling smoothly.

Simple Pleasures of Riding

Whether it’s a leisurely ride through Detroit’s historic neighborhoods or a quick jaunt to the local café, the Morini M01 Pacer P14 is about enjoying the journey at a relaxed pace. Its lightweight frame and straightforward handling make it a breeze to ride, offering a refreshingly simple way to explore the city’s sights and sounds.

Eco-friendly Choice with Character

Choosing this restored vintage moped means embracing a sustainable approach to transportation while owning a piece with character. It’s for those who prefer the road less traveled, value minimalism, and want to make an environmental statement without saying a word.

Yours to Discover

If you’re drawn to the charm of vintage mopeds and looking for a ride that’s easygoing and modestly spirited, the 1977 Morini M01 Pacer P14 at Detroit Moped Works could be your perfect match. Swing by to see it up close and decide if this piece of riding history is what your next adventure needs.

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