1978 Puch Free Spirit

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In the 1970s, the American department store introduced a line of bicycles and wheeled goods under the iconic name “Free Spirit.” Among these treasures, the 1978 Puch Free Spirit Moped stands out as a true gem. Crafted by Kromag in 1978, this moped exudes a timeless charm that captures the essence of an era.

The 1978 Puch Free Spirit Moped is not just a vintage classic; it’s a rejuvenated powerhouse ready to take on the road. Our comprehensive DMW Tune-Up ensures that every aspect of this iconic moped is in its prime, giving you a ride like no other.


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Introducing the 1978 Puch Free Spirit Moped with a Full DMW Tune-Up and New Knobby Tires!

🛵 A Vintage Classic with a Twist 🛵

In 1978, Sears introduced the iconic Puch Free Spirit Moped, a timeless gem that captures the spirit of the era. Crafted by Kromag, this moped is a throwback to an era when style, and fun meant everything, and it comes with a complete DMW Tune-Up that guarantees top-notch performance.

What’s Included in the DMW Tune-Up

1. New Fuel Line and Fuel Filter: We start by replacing the fuel line and filter, guaranteeing a clean and consistent fuel supply to keep your Free Spirit running smoothly.

2. Spark Plug Replacement: Say goodbye to weak spark and hello to reliable ignition. We install a brand-new spark plug to ensure easy starts and optimal performance.

3. Fuel Tank Flush: Your moped’s heart, the fuel tank, receives a thorough flush to eliminate any impurities that might affect its performance.

4. Fresh Fuel: We top off your tank with fresh unleaded fuel mixed with AMSOIL SABER at a ratio of 80:1, so your Free Spirit is ready to hit the road with a burst of energy.

5. Transmission Flush: The transmission gets a well-deserved flush to stay clean, and improve overall performance.

6. New Oil: We replace the oil, keeping your engine properly lubricated, and in top condition for those long rides through the city.

7. Electrical and Ignition Inspection: Our expert technicians perform a thorough  inspection of the electrical and ignition systems, making sure everything is in perfect working order.

🌟 Key Features 🌟

Engine: Under the “hood”, you’ll find the Puch E50 one-speed engine, complete with an all-aluminum cylinder, just like the legendary Puch Maxi. This powerhouse gives a smooth and dependable ride, and with the DMW Tune-Up, it’s ready to conquer the road.

Carburetor: Equipped with a Bing “round” 14mm carburetor, this moped offers exceptional fuel efficiency and precise throttle response. Plus, the DMW Tune-Up includes a new fuel line, fuel filter, and fuel tank flush, ensuring your fuel system is in pristine condition.

Ignition: The Bosch 6-wire “external ignition ground” magneto (0212-024-043) guarantees reliable starts, and the DMW Tune-Up includes an electrical and ignition inspection to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Tail Lights: ULO 250 2-bulb tail lights illuminate your path, adding an extra layer of safety to your rides.

Gas Tank: The 0.9-gallon detachable gas tank boasts a convenient 40mm quarter-turn gas cap, reminiscent of the esteemed Magnum.

Controls: Magura “wrap-around” controls provide a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Steering and Frame: Unlike the Maxi, the Free Spirit features Magnum-type steering cups and bearings, adding a unique touch to your ride.

Speed Version: The 1978 Puch Free Spirit Moped comes with a 2.0hp engine configuration, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the open road.

The 1978 Puch Free Spirit Moped with a Full DMW Tune-Up and New Knobby Tires is not just a ride; it’s a journey back in time, a testament to craftsmanship, and a nod to the Free Spirit legacy. Whether you’re cruising the streets of Detroit or exploring the city’s hidden gems, this moped is your ticket to unforgettable adventures. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history with a modern twist. 🏍️✨

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