1978 Testi Cricket (SOLD)


Sold for $1100

Testi is an Italian surname that also means “texts” or “verses”. Umberto Testi’s son Erio Testi worked in his father’s bicycle factory until 1953, when he was sent to Austria, at Fichtel and Sachs, to learn about small two stroke engines. After Erio returned, he transferred the two stroke engine knowledge to his friend Vittorio Minarelli. Vittorio then later went on, after years of automotive engineering study and practice, to form Fabricca Bologna Minarelli FBM, which sometime later became the successful Motori Minarelli. That is why all Testi mopeds have Minarelli engines.

Testi made Gitane, Cosmo Amico, Silver Foxi, and other minor brands. Like Minarelli, they were modest and “behind the scenes”, content to sell their products “plain” so that marketing companies could put their own names and logos on. Marketing names wanted you to think they made it themselves, so they would hide the true maker identities.

While Testi made lots of high quality mopeds marketed under various names, they used all of the finest components for the mopeds with their brand name on it.

Testi Cricket Components: Minarelli V1 engine, 30mph(2.0hp) version, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino or PV controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, Huret speedometer with LH driver.

This bike is larger than your average Italian Moped with a super thick tube frame, beefed up suspension, 2.5 inch wide tires (most had 2.25), bullet headlight, and tons of chrome everywhere.

This bike was found NOS by Devin at Motion Left Mopeds, sold and professionally serviced by him for all of the 700 miles that it has on it, then bought back and sold to us. It is in wonderful condition, rips off the line and hits a pinch over 30 mph. Because this bike came to us in such wonderful condition, we simply gave it new tires, a tune up, a bath, and a polish.

This is a beauty, ready for years of stock fun or performance upgrades!

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WHAT YOU GET!Retail Cost
V1 Testi Cricket$900.00
NGK spark plugs – B7HS – short thread$3.00
bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line 3/16″ (5mm)$2.00
crystal pyramid fuel filter – 1/4″$4.00
Full Tune Up$120.00
New Moped tube (2@$8 each)$16.00
sava B8 moped tire – 16 x 2.5 (2@32)$64.00
Wheel Labor (2@$30)$60.00

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Weight2400 oz







Silver / Gray

GPS Speed

32 MPH