1980 Motobecane Le Moped Black & Yellow 50cc Pedal Moped


1980 Rebuilt Black and Yellow Motobecane Le Moped

Step into a world where style meets individuality with Detroit Moped Works’ impeccably rebuilt 1980 Motobecane Le Moped. This black and yellow beauty not only turns heads with its bold color contrast but also invites artistic spirits to make a personal mark, being free of decals and ready for your creative touch.

This Motobecane has been expertly restored to combine the allure of vintage design with the reliability of modern technology. At its core, the moped features a robust, fine-tuned engine ensuring that it performs as stunningly as it looks. Ride through the streets of Detroit not just in style but with the confidence that comes from superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s a perfect blend for those who value authenticity and are eager to imprint their unique style.

Key Features:

  • Decal-Free Design: A blank canvas on wheels, ready to be customized or enjoyed in its minimalist glory.
  • Rebuilt for Reliability: Every component is checked and restored for a smooth, reliable ride.
  • Vintage Made Modern: Original aesthetics preserved, enhanced with modern parts for everyday functionality.
  • Proudly Detroit-Made: Reassembled and refined by passionate local experts dedicated to reviving and celebrating moped culture.

Whether you’re cruising down Woodward Avenue, making a statement in Midtown, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride by the Detroit River, this 1980 Motobecane Le Moped invites you to both relive history and craft your own. Available exclusively at Detroit Moped Works, this model is more than just transportation; it’s an opportunity for expression. Come see it for yourself and discover how your vision can transform this classic ride into a personal masterpiece.

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