1982 Puch Murray Silver 50cc Pedal-Start Moped


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For sale is a beautifully restored 1982 Puch Murray moped, finished in a sleek silver. This classic moped has been brought back to life and is ready for a new owner to enjoy its vintage charm and reliable performance.

### Restoration Highlights:
– **New Tires and Tubes:** Ensuring a smooth and safe ride.
– **New Grips, Pedal Arms, and Pedals:** For comfortable and efficient riding.
– **New Control Switches and Cables:** Providing precise control and responsiveness.
– **Brand New Stock Exhaust:** Enhancing performance and maintaining the original look.

### Detroit Moped Works Full Tune-Up ($225 Value):
This Puch Murray has undergone a comprehensive tune-up at Detroit Moped Works, which includes the following:

**Fuel Petcock Removal and Tank Flush:** Clean fuel system for optimal performance.
– **New Fuel Petcock Valve:** For consistent fuel flow.
– **New Fuel Line and Fuel Filter:** Ensuring a clean fuel supply.
– **Carburetor Disassembly and Cleaning:** Reassembled with precise air mixture, idle, and needle adjustments.
– **Full Tank of Premium Unleaded Gas:** Mixed at 80:1 with Amsoil Sabre full synthetic two-stroke oil.
– **New NGK Spark Plug:** For reliable ignition.
– **Transmission Flush and Fill:** Using the appropriate Amsoil transmission fluid.
– **Ignition System Inspection:** Confirming proper point gap and timing adjustments.
– **Cables Lubricated and Tensioned:** Ensuring smooth operation.
– **Electrical System Review:** Confirmed to be in perfect working condition.
– **New Light Bulb:** Installed if needed.
– **Tires Filled to 38 PSI:** For optimal performance.
– **5-Mile Test Ride:** Ensuring functionality and final troubleshooting.
– **Bike Wiped Down with Amsoil “Miracle Wash”:** Presented in pristine condition.

Experience the perfect blend of vintage style and modern reliability with this fully restored 1982 Puch Murray moped. Whether you’re a collector, a vintage moped enthusiast, or just someone looking for a unique and fun way to get around, this moped is sure to impress.


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