1978 Blue Motobecane Mobylette 50v Pedal Moped 50cc

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,400.00.

**Revamped and Ready to Ride: 1978 Motobecane Moby 50VLC US Model**

Dive into the rich history of Motobécane, the French powerhouse established in 1923, renowned for merging the thrill of motorcycles (“moto”) with the charm of bicycles (“bécane”) to create the iconic Mobylette in 1949. As the top-selling moped brand in the U.S. until 1980, Motobécane’s legacy of innovation and quality lives on, especially in their crown jewel – the last production model with a CVT variated transmission, metallic finish, and luxury trims.

We’ve elevated this moped to match the standards of its 1980 successor, by integrating a longer seat and transplanting a complete, more durable motor from a 1980 VLC. The transformation doesn’t stop there; we’ve addressed the original’s sole drawback, its 12mm GURTNER carburetor, by installing a superior, tunable 15mm Dellorto SHA carb. This not only enhances reliability but also boosts performance, giving you those extra MPHs for an exhilarating ride.

Further, we’ve conducted a comprehensive overhaul, fitting a rebuilt motor to ensure unmatched performance. The ignition has been upgraded to a CDI system for improved reliability and ease of starting. We didn’t overlook the aesthetics and ride quality either, adding new tires and tubes for a smoother journey and replacing the forks with new old stock silver Motobecane forks, preserving its vintage charm while enhancing its road presence.

Every “wear item” has been replaced, including tires, tubes, chains, grips, spark plug, fuel line, and fuel valve. To top it off, a meticulous polish ensures this moped shines as brightly as its legacy.

Priced at a fraction of its adjusted original cost – only $1,500, a steal considering the 1980 Motobecane 50VLC’s value in today’s money. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of motoring history, upgraded for the modern road yet steeped in vintage allure. Ride away on this 1978 Motobecane Moby 50VLC – a testament to timeless design and contemporary craftsmanship.

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