Califfo 80 with case inducted Rizzato 122 motor (SOLD)


Sold for $700 in 2015

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Do you love SUPER RARE MOPEDS?!?!?!  IF SO, BUY THIS BIKE!!!!!

This is a really well build 1980’s era moped never imported the the US.  If you get this you will be one of the only people in the US to have a Rizzato; maybe the only person with this particular bike; who knows?!?!

Here is the info presented on it by our buddy who collects this brand; imported this one; and built it for his collection before giving it to us to sell on consignment.

Califfo 80 with case inducted Rizzato 122 motor.  New plug, New plug boot, Fresh transmission oil, New fresh tubes, New Heidenau tires on snow flake mags (New Sealed bearing real wheel),new brake cables and a brand new NOS cigar pipe; running a  New Green pietcard ignition coil with a 2013 cdi box.  Geared at 11X36 and GPSED at 30.6 mph with great low end. Also available is a 60cc DR kit with less than 100 miles on it (+$125) and/or performance exhaust & carb options down the line.

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