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These were the only Puch mopeds manufactured in the USA. There was only a small batch produced in the early 80s to make use of overstocked parts when gas prices dropped. They only came in one super sexy color “brandy wine.” We had this one shopped half way across the country in pieces in a box and assembled it for a personal / shop bike. . . But we bought ourselves another, so this one is for sale! Everything was cleaned & lubed up during assembly. Then polished by the one and only Joe Cowabunga!  It even has new custom vinyl decals.

This was a 2 hp model to start, but after the 70cc kit, high comp head, circuit pipe, 15mm carb & tuning; is currently hitting well over 40 mph.
Brand New OTHER parts installed during assembly are as follows: Puch thin black seat; NOS front wheel, NOS hydraulic Shocks, IRC NR53 ZAP moped tire – 17 x 2.50; more expensive moped inner tube – 17″ 2.25 / 2.50; ATOMIC non-resistor ignition wire & boot – YELLOW – 2 foot; NGK spark plugs — B6HS – short thread, new petcock – 12mm thread; bluesteel clear BLUE polyurethane fuel line; black grips original magnum style for all mopeds.

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