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In 1981 Puch released the Newport II featuring hand pin striping, special decals, a two speed automatic motor,
8-fin, wide spoke wheels, wide ff, 2.25-17 tires
Magura black controls, sliding-block throttle
Merit 342A, 343A square black switches, CEV 1211 “pancake” headlight, and Puch stamped keys (that this still has!)
The only advertised color is “Carmine Red;” but there are a few of these out there in black reminiscent of the early 70’s Puch “Nostalgic” model.
It seems that with a “cafe racer” seat, Maxi sport MKII bars, and some tall mirrors; this moped rides very much like a “Chopper.”
With the larger carb, intake, pipe, and front sprocket we installed you can enjoy this comfortable ride at 35mph+. (GPS verified since this burrows the stock 30mph Speedo)
With new tires, tubes, grips, chains, and kill switch you know you’ll be safe and stylish at those speeds.
And of course we gave the bike a full tune up to keep it running it’s best.
You can buy this bike “as is,” for $1,200 to start enjoying today or commission it for further modification or restoration. It’s a moped – have fun with it!


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