Tomos A35 Pedal Case (B) – A35 Case / Crank / Piston / Drive Gear / Stater Shaft / Starter Assembly / Sprocket / Etc (Used) (Good Condition)


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  • Tomos OEM a35 engine case – black with studs, bearings, seals, gasket ($170 Value)

  • OEM tomos A35 A55 crankshaft  ($165 Value)

  • OEM tomos A35 A55 driving gear complete – WITH teeth  ($130 Value)

  • Tomos OEM starter shaft – pedal start ($45 Value)

  • OEM tomos starter assembly for A3, A35, A55  ($60 Value)

  • OEM tomos a35 stock piston – 38mm ($45 Value)

  • tomos moped front sprockets for a3 a35 & a55 ($12 Value)

The crank & bearings all *seem* to spin smoothly.  There does not *seem* to be any thread or casting damage.  The con rod has little to no play.  The timing pin is in great shape.  The pedal shaft and sprocket are all good.  The piston is ugly but has free rings (maybe sand it smooth and try it?)

If you have a damaged crank or cases, this would be a good candidate to move your gear onto and ride without a full motor rebuild.  With a Tomos, it is never a bad idea to swap the crank seals before re-assembly.  


As Always, these used parts come from various old dealer / hobbyist buy outs and are of unknown origin / history, but we have done out best to describe them accurately.  Sales are all “As Is”  

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Weight162 oz
Dimensions14 × 8.5 × 7 in


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