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What is a moped?

A moped (/ˈmoʊpɛd/ MOH-ped) is a small motorcycle, generally having a less stringent licensing requirement than full sized motorcycles. Mopeds feature both a MOtor and PEDals.

Are mopeds and scooters the same thing?


There are plenty of differences between mopeds and scooters but the easiest way to tell them apart from first glance is by how they’re ridden. Do you sit on it with your legs on either side, like a bicycle or a motorcycle? If yes, it’s a moped. Do you sit on it with your feet resting on a platform in front of you? That’s a scooter.

Can I bring my moped for repairs?


Detroit Moped Works is a repair shop that specializes in getting mopeds running and keeping them that way. We do large and small repairs, kit installs, speed mods and tune ups to maintain a well running moped.

Do you buy / sell / trade mopeds?


Contact us about selling or trading your moped. You can view what we have for sale here. All mopeds we sell come with a 60 day warranty.

Do you sell mopeds for kids?


You may be thinking of a minibike or dirt bike. The minimum age to operate a moped in Michigan is 15. If your child is 15 or older and does not have a driver’s license, he/she is eligible to obtain a moped endorsement.

How much do mopeds cost?

It depends.

Between make, model, year, condition and additions, mopeds are priced on a case by case basis. You can browse our collection of sold mopeds here.

What is my moped worth?

It depends.

Any given moped could have a variety of modifications made to it over the course of many years and many owners. Some people value speed, some people value looks. Other people value how close to original a moped is.  Each of these types of people will value a moped differently and markets vary in different regions. Gauge your moped’s value by comparing other moped listings in your area, factoring in similar models, conditions and applicable enhancements.

Do you offer layaway or financing/payment plans?


At this time, we do not offer layaway services (paying installments over time and receiving the product when everything is paid in full) or financing (receiving the product after placing a down payment and then making payments over time until the balance is paid off). Detroit Moped Works offers mopeds and accessories with a variety of budgets in mind and we are happy to work with our customers and address their needs because they’re the reason we’re here! However, we also are a small independent business and to ensure the standard of quality you have come to expect from us, we are unable to provide payment plan services.

Can you look at my scooter/minibike/thing that isn’t a moped?


It’s not that we don’t like you (we do!) or have anything against your non-moped vehicle (we don’t!). We don’t have the expertise or the parts to work on other things. If you were paying us $60 per hour to work on something else, we’d be ripping you off. Try these other local shops for the services you’re after:

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Do I need a license to operate a moped?

You need a valid driver’s license or moped endorsement to legally operate a moped in Michigan.

Per Michigan’s Secretary of State:

If you do not have a valid operator or chauffeur license and are at least age 15, you may apply for a moped license. You are not eligible for a moped license if your operator or chauffeur license is suspended, revoked or denied.

Be sure to check the laws regarding moped operation if you live in another state.

Do I need insurance for my moped?


The state of Michigan does not require moped insurance. Laws vary from state to state so be sure to check your local ordinances.

Do I need a license plate for my moped?


The state of Michigan does not issue license plates for mopeds. Instead, a sticker is issued from the Secretary of State when you register your moped. The sticker costs $15 and is good for three years. Laws vary from state to state so be sure to check your local ordinances.

How do I get a title for my moped?

You don’t need a title.

The state of Michigan does not issue titles for mopeds. Laws vary from state to state so be sure to check your local ordinances.

How fast do mopeds go?


Speed varies by what kind of moped it is and what modifications have been made to it. Stock mopeds generally reach speeds around 25mph. Speed modification kits can increase this to 30-40mph and above, allowing you to keep up with traffic.

Can I buy parts for my moped?


Depending on what you’re looking for, we may have it in stock!

Do you have the parts for my scooter/minibike/thing that isn’t a moped?


We only carry moped parts.

But the part I’m looking for for my scooter/minibike/thing that isn’t a moped is the same thing you use on a moped!

It probably isn’t.

The differences are often subtle, but they’re there. You’re welcome to come by with the part you’re trying to replace to see if we have something you can use but the fact is most moped and scooter parts are not compatible with each other and scooter owners usually leave our shop empty handed.

But my scooter/minibike/thing that isn’t a moped is 50cc!

That’s cool and all, but…

Still not a moped. Still probably don’t have parts for it.

Are mopeds street legal?


One of the advantages mopeds offer over many other two wheeled vehicles is they are completely legal to operate on the road.

How do mopeds work?

It all starts with turning the pedals.

You can read more about it here.

I just got a moped. What should I know about operating it?

Chances are, even with an old moped, you’ll have some new parts that will need to be broken in.

Learn about the proper way to break in your moped now to keep it running well in the future.

How do you pronounce Puch?

Like “pook.”

Puch mopeds are Austrian. The German language pronounces “ch” sounds the way the English language pronounces “ck” sounds. We often hear Puch pronounced as “pooch,” “poosh,” “putch,” “puck,” and occasionally even “puke.” We assure you, it’s none of these things.