Honda PA50I/II/Nu50 Rebuild Service


Not currently available


<! — Rebuild Includes:
Crankshaft bearing replacement
New oil seals
New gaskets for top and bottom end
MILD case matching (transition smoothing)
Parts Inspection / Recommendation

Rebuild DOES NOT Include:
Actual Shipping
New Crank
New Kit
New Internals which we discover damaged
(We can sell you the new bits or you can supply them. Your call)
Case Boring / Porting / Deep Case Matching
(Can be accommodated at an added cost)

This assumes motors removed from the moped and delivered to us in a relatively clean state. Additional costs associated with dropping motors, tuning, timing, etc and/or super filthy motors.

Please feel free to contact us in advance if you have any questions.

All Honda Moped rebuilds will experience the wizardry of our head mechanic, Ted Sliwinski. Ted has been working in and out of cycle shops since childhood. After high school, Ted went on to get a formal education from ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, where he studied mathematics and jewelry making (tiny fabrication). All the way along he has made a living and hobby of large scale fabrication work, while continuing work in bicycle shops. All of Ted’s training, formal and informal have lead to a skill set ideal for the moped hobby. His builds are not only aesthetically interesting, and conceptually unique; but they are also FAST & dependable.

Ted has a mastery of Honda motors, check out the image of the electric urban express / hobbit moped he made!