Detroit Moped Works Summer 2020 Buying Guide

Detroit Moped Works is out of mopeds that are ready for sale, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.


As of today (June 16th, 2020) we are sold out of every moped that we built over the winter to sell in the spring / early summer. We do not have an “inventory.” This means that there is nothing for us to post online and nothing for us to “email you a list.”  Sorry!

If there is no moped inventory,” you ask, “how is there a buying guide?

Good question! Just because we don’t have any good, restored mopeds ready to sell to you with a warranty, it does not mean that there are not mopeds all over the place waiting for you. Here are some options:


We are mostly a repair shop, so you can buy a moped on the peer to peer market and bring the bikes to us to get it perfect.

Websites like Facebook Marketplace are good resources for buying mopeds.
    • Facebook Marketplace seems to be the main place to buy mopeds these days. It is good because you can see your seller and there is some sense of accountability. It also draws from many of the local based or moped brand-specific Facebook groups. Feel free to search out and join some of those groups to get involved with mopeds. Websites like craigslist, OfferUp, and letgo also have bikes for sale. eBay is a weird one because things never tend to go for “market rate;” mopeds either sell for way below their value OR people get excited and over pay, but go ahead and give it a try. Maybe you’ll get the great deal!
    • We previously wrote a blog about moped values from the sellers prospective. The same basic principles are in play as a buyer. Keep this in mind when shopping for a moped. It’s always a drag when folks max out their budget overpaying for mopeds, then come to us and discover that they need costly repairs to get their bike on the road.
    • If the moped you buy can be ridden, your repair bill and/or turnaround times on our repairs will be much less. Seriously, even if a bike sputters and farts 15 feet down the street then dies, that will still allow us to provide a better diagnosis upon drop off and, in most situations, means that your bike can be fixed cheaper and sent home faster than if the bike won’t start at all before coming in.
    • Here is some info on our current situation / turn around time for repairs –


Tell us what you are looking for and we can pair you with a moped. Occasionally, we take bikes in on trade that can be quickly turned around and/or we sell our personal mopeds. If any of these bikes match what you are looking for, we can pair you with them. We also have loads of absolute junk mopeds that could be built for you. Seriously. Bikes that are ugly, missing parts, and not even close to running. WE DO NOT SELL THESE JUNK MOPEDS “AS IS,” but we would be glad to negotiate a build for you and get the bike into the work queue as described in the June 2020 update above.

    • Submit a moped match request form. Tell us your target budget and target speed along with your favorite/least favorite brands, colors, features, etc. If possible, attach photos of some of your favorite mopeds so that we can really understand what you are looking for. Then we can bid a build for you.
    • If we agree on a build, we will take ½ down, complete the build, then take the second half payment upon completion.
      • A “basic” moped build with these items replaced will *typically* be around $1,000 and will have a turnaround time in line with our standard repairs, maybe even faster :
          • New tires

            New tubes

            New fuel petcock

            New fuel line

            New fuel filter

            New NGK spark plug

            Working headlight

            Working tail light

            Working kill switch

            Full tank of premium gas with Amsoil Saber synthetic two stroke oil

            New full synthetic transmission fluid

      • Our moped graveyard of parts is a diverse collection that can help bring your new moped to life.

        A complete custom build with fresh powder coat, replacing nearly everything that can possibly be replaced with new parts, and a performance motor would typically be $2,000-$3,000 depending on the model and how specific your build parameters are. These builds can take months to complete depending on turn around times from our powder coat vendor, upholstery vendor, custom decal fabrication times, parts availability delays due to Covid-19, and just the time it take to build a complete bike from scratch.

      • MOST builds will fall in between with many new parts, but not all. These bikes have some performance parts, but not the fastest. These builds will have a turnaround in line with our standard repairs, maybe a bit slower.


We have a limited supply of “moped style” electric bicycles, but as is the case with all E-Bikes, there is a delay/shortage due to manufacturing halts and import restrictions. Click here to check out our current E-Bike inventory and/or put a deposit on an E-Bike from an upcoming shipment.


August 2020 update: We are selling off some of our project/parts mopeds for the first time in Detroit Moped Works’ history! Click here for more information.


No more new mopeds?

Unfortunately, there are no new Tomos mopeds (or any other two stroke pedal style mopeds). We continue to get many messages about new mopeds and recently wrote a blog post to explain what’s going on. Learn more about it here.


I hope this information is helpful. We look forward to aiding you on your quest for a new to you moped.

Stay safe,

Alex Samul, owner
Detroit Moped Works
June 16, 2020